Two authors in one in-text citation

Hi there,

I’m a new EndNote user and still learning the ins and outs of the program. I’ve searched through the forums and in the help section of EN but can’t find the answer to what I  think is probably an obvious question:

How do I set EndNote to allow me to have two different authors in one citation in my text? For example:

  (AEP 1996, with amendments in ASRD 2002). 

I thought I was in the clear once I’d figured out the workaround for complex author abbreviations in text but not in the reference list/biblio. But now I’m stuck on this next step! 

Thank you to anyone who replies,


I would suggest this workaround:

Insert the ASRD reference in your document. Then edit the citation to insert the remaining text as a Prefix to that citation.

Shortly afterwards in your document, insert the AEP reference, and then edit the citation to exclude the author and exclude the year, which in effect hides the citation in the text, but the reference will still appear in the reference list.

Ah, thanks! That does the trick… I should have thought of that.

I wonder why the program isn’t more intuitive that way. 

Anyway, I can finally input a number of references I had that were formatted that way, so thank you again!