Two questions about Endnote

1.  Reference Manager used to have a handy feature where you could provide synonym lists.  For example, some citations might say “Factor IX” and while some old citation might use the alternative “Christmas Factor”.  Ref Man let you link these two terms so that if you searched on either you would see all the matching references that had either term.  While I know you can do that manually in the search term speciication in Endnote, it is not as handy.

Does EN have a comparable feature?  If not that is somthing to add to the wish list.

2.  Is there a way to identify “orphan” PDF files?  I realized that I had a number of corrupt PDF files so I used Acrobat to scan them all and found that I had multiple copies of some files even though they were not useful (i.e. not linked to a reference in the main index).  The latest version of EN goes the other way, showing broken links, but can it show orphans?