Several suggestions

Dear Thomson Reuters Support Team,

I am using literature management software since 1986, when I programmed my first own literature management software, as nothing useful was available at that time. In 1990, I bought a commercial programme, which I used until the end of last year. I changed to EndNote because the other software is not maintained any longer. I did not choose EndNote because it is the best programme on the market, but because it has the least hassles from all the ones I tested.

Yet, I think there are a lot of functions that should be included or modified in the next version of EndNote, based on my 28 years experience with literature management software. Here is my list:

* since version 7.1, pages numbers for books are not shown in the references view (the middle list) any more

* since version 7.1 , a new search starts within the results of the previous search. The standard setting should be to search in the whole database (or you should include a setting, where this can be chosen)

* since version 7.1, after I made a first search in the whole database, go back to a new search in the whole database with a new search term, the then new search results are shown and the settings for the first search are brought back to the search fields. This should be removed. The latest search terms should always be kept.

* search for all papers of the authors that are currently displayed: I do a search for subject1 and find author1 and author2. Now I would like to know with one click which other papers of author1 or author2 I have in my database (again, I know that there is a trick to do it, but it would be handy to do it with just one click)

* remove all line breaks in entry: when you copy an abstract form a PDF or web page it usually has line brakes. They should be removed from the entry with one click

* format authors automatically into the EndNote format, when copied into EndNote in the format format GivenName1 FamilyName1, GivenName2 FamilyName2. Example. When I copy the following Author list from a PDF:

A. Jones & M. Rogerson & G. Greenway & H. A. B. Potter & W. M. Mayes


A. Jones, M. Rogerson, G. Greenway, H. A. B. Potter, W. M. Mayes

should become

Jones, A.

Rogerson, M.
Greenway, G.
Potter, H. A. B.
Mayes, W. M.

* search all papers which have the highlighted text in the same field: I am doing a search in my database and I find e.g. a keyword I am interested in. This word should be searched in my database with just one click

* for several German Journals a ‘Kollationsvermerk’ (collation information) is necessary - please include such a field: based on the ‘Bonn Guidelines“ for geoscientific publication we need to list also the number of e.g. figures, tables, plates. You should include a field for that as well

* please include a style sheet for the ‘Bonn Guidelines’ (Horatschek S, Schubert T (1998) Richtlinie für die Verfasser geowissenschaftlicher Veröffentlichungen. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart)

* in the ‘Bonn Guidelines’ and the German ‘DIN’ reference format, the place of publication is necessary in journals. Could you add this as standard setting for journals, please

* Could you please add an option that some fields are compulsory to be typed in e.g. Keywords, Author (used selectable)

* keywords should be linkeable: e.g. I have the keyword “pit lake”. Yet, in some countries ‘pit lakes’ are called ‘open cast lake’. You should include an option to link keywords with each other. Now, when I am searching for ‘pit lakes’ EndNote will also find ‘open cast lake’

* more more shortcuts: please add shortcuts to all of your commands and also to the fields that are shown. I prefer to work with my keyboard, not the mouse and I am also using scripts to programme functions you didn’t include in EndNote - having shortcuts for all commands and fields would help much

* could you add a function that the previous entry (without copy and paste) is automatically copied and when entering a new entry, the field you are in is duplicated form the previously shown entry

* please add Boolean search options - the search functionality of EndNote is very rudimentary at this stage

* please add the option “contains not” in the search options (I know, there is a trick to do it, but I don’t want to use tricks)

* please include a search history and allow the combination of search results (not only through the Groups function)

* the replace function should also work with formatting (e.g. I imported an abstract where bold is marked with <b>I am bold</b> - I want to replace that with the bold formatting of EndNote)

* all search results should be highlighted in the entries found (I know, it is partly included in 7.1, but not when you do a whole database search)

* search marked entry in the same field in whole DB (e.g. I highlight the word ‘EndNote’ in the keywords entry and with one click all entries that contain ‘EndNote’ in the keywords are shown)

* clear all search fields with one shortcut

* search in a thesaurus and take that into the current entry field (e.g. I open the thesaurus for Authors and when I click he author I was looking for, it is automatically copied into the Author field in EndNote)

* during search there should be an indicator that the programme is searching

* a list of keywords form a PDF should automatically be split with one click. e.g.

Mine water . Pollution . Zinc . Cadmium . Barium . Strontium . Mass balance . Remediation or

Mine water, Pollution, Zinc, Cadmium, Barium, Strontium, Mass balance, Remediation or

Mine water; Pollution; Zinc; Cadmium; Barium; Strontium; Mass balance; Remediation

Should become

Mine water
Mass balance

* The “Auto Import Folder” function should be extended such that the imported references are not moved into the folder “NameOfLibrary.Data/PDF/AnyNumber” but into a user selected folder. I, for example, store all my PDF files in ONE folder that I am sharing with others, not within the “NameOfLibrary.Data” one.

Kind regards and thanks for your consideration. I think with those modifications EndNote would substantially profit and become more useful than it is now.

Kind regards

Christian Wolkersdorfer