Two reference lists in same doc after updating EndNote


I updated to EndNote 20, and now new references are added as a new list at the bottom of the document. The old list is still there, and the fields are active (go grey when I click them). It isn’t fixed when I click update bibliography and references.

I tried exporting the travelling library to the library I am using, but to no avail (it just carries on as before).

Any advice? It would take me days to re-insert all the damned references, so I really need to sort this…


I’d recommend making a backup copy of that document first (can never be too safe).
Once you have a backup copy, delete All of the EndNote bibliographies from the end of the document, and click Update Citations and Bibliography.
Because all of the real data is behind the citations, and the bibliography is simply a bookmark, if it somehow becomes damaged, EndNote can end up generating a new bibliography every time the document updates. Deleting this bookmark, and allowing it to be recreated by the next update of the document should give you a new clean bookmark for the EndNote bibliographical list.