why endnote creates multiple lists of references?

Hello everyone, 

My problem is that endnote keeps on creating multiple lists of references, almost with the same content. So I end up with almost the same list of references typed again and again and again at the end of my document. The worst thing is that I can not  be sure which one of them is the most recently updated and so, I have to go through all of them in order to decide which are the extra ones and delete them. It is like, every time that I hit the “update Bibliography” button, endnote creates a copy of all the references from the begining and also keeps all the previous ones.

Any suggestions?


Can’t help without seeing the document.  The problem is almost always due to one or more corruptions in the underlying endnote fields.  

So, the first thing to try is always - 

make a copy of the document (for safe keeping).

convert to unformatted citations from the endnote ribbon (Not to plain text).

select all (ctrl A) and remove field codes (ctrl+6)  (on mac, that is command +A and then Command+6 I think)

are there any bibliographies left, – delete them.

update citations and bibliography

– see if the corruption causing the duplications are gone.