DOI and styles

One of my colleagues was using a newer Nature output style, and then promptly complained to me that the DOI information was

  1. included in the journal output.

  2. when included messed up the reference list.

So why is there? I assume it should only be there if the article is electronic? -So we should create a new reference style and only use it for electronic records requiring the doi?

and why does the default downloading of DOI information from pubmed have two lines of info with a carriage return in it, which obviously creates a problem when it IS included in a reference? So we need to edit the connection file to eliminate the duplicate information and carriage return (how?) and edit the style

ā€“ AND I need to figure out an efficient way to distribute the files to all our users, replacing the installation copies. Suggestions?

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I attach an edited Pubmed connection file which I hope will import the DOI correctly. You get the same problem when filtering records from Pubmed. It results from the fact that the records use the same tag for both the DOI and the publisher identifier.

Iā€™m never clear about how much editing you can do with the HTTP connection files (Pubmed and Web of Knowledge). They donā€™t work like the normal Z39.50 connection files.
PubMed (NLM) Copy.enz (4.95 KB)

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