Updated from Endnote X8 to Endnote X9: Now Failed to open converted database message

Hi everyone,

I updated Endnote X8 to Endnote X9. Now I cannot open any of my Endnote libraries (I use Windows 10).

When I attempt to open an Endnote library, I receive a message detailing that, because the library was created using an earlier version, it needs to be converted for continued use with Endnote X9. When I select okay I then get prompted to save a converted version of the library; however, when I select Save I then get a message ‘Failed to pen converted database’ and the library does not open. This same issue affects all of my Endnote libraries for different projects.

If anyone knows how to rectify this issue so that I can access my libraries I would greatly appreciate it.


HI everyone, 

I got the same problem. Please help!!!

Hi all, 

I got the same problem. Please help!!

Please contact Technical Support for assistance with converting the libraries.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



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