Updating Cite While You Write Bibliographies with new info from a endnote library


Could anyone provide advice on how to sync ones’ CWYW generated bibliography with new/additional information added to a EndNote library after the citation in a word document (and associated bibliography) has been created?



Do you mean you have some entered by hand, and others entered by Endnote and have two bibliographies?  If they are Alphabetical, you can unlink the endnote inserted fields, join the two bibliographies and sort those paragraphs by alpha.  It might not end up perfect, for example if the journal wanted them first author, year ordered rather than first author, second author, etc (which is more or less what sorting alpha would give you), but it is close.  You may also have to adjust by hand some “ambiguous references” like Smith et al, 2000a and Smith et al, 2000b if they occur, manually finding the right matches in your text citations. 

If they are numbered you really will have to convert the entire document and add all the citations by endnote.  If you have numbered citations, you could create a library where you drag each existing reference into a new library in order of the references in the paper and then edit the numbers in the text to look like this {#1; #2} (surrounding them by curly brackets and inserting the # and separating by semi-colons).  You may be able to start asearch and replace or macro to do some of it, manually.  If you want to convert (Author, et al YEAR) citations to endnote, there are tricks to that too.  Let me know if you want me to expound on it it here. 

Thanks for the detailed reply.

My problem is a little different. I retrospectively referenced a document but only partially entered the article/text/report information into EndNote before entering citations in the text (and thereby creating a bibliography). Subsequently I went back and filled in the other information about each article/text/report in EndNote expecting that I could easily update my word doc bibliography but can’t seen to do so. Any clues???

Did the information alter the first author or year?  (and what version of Endnote are you using?)

Did you try to unformat the references and reformat?  References that have changed either the first author or the year may need to be selected again during the reformating step to confirm they are the correct reference for that placement.  After doing this, you will need to reactivate CWYW from the third tab of the format bibliography/paper dialog box.