Endnote does not Update citations


Using Endnote X3 with Word 2007 I am encountering the following problem.

I added the following source to the library:

Author: Weiss G., 

Title: This is a tile

Journal: This is a Journal

Volume 1

Issue 1

As you might have noticed, I misplaced the “,” within the author name.

As a consequence, Endnote used"Weiss G." as the family name in all citations (where only “Weiss” would have been correct).

Example: This is a text (Weiss G., 2009, pp. 1-10).

Correct would have been: This is a text (Weiss, 2009, pp. 1-10).

Thus I modifiedthe library accordingly by changin “Weiss G.” to “G. Weiss” (or “Weiss, G.”- i tried both).

For every NEW citation I insert now this works fine (Weiss, 2009). However, Endnote does not update the EXISTING citations accordingly, but leaves them as they were before I made the according changes in the library.

Is there any other way than deleting all existing citations of the respective source and inserting them once more?

Thx a lot!



It is pulling the information from the traveling library embedded in the paper, because it no longer matches the entry in the library - which must match author, year and record number.  The Author no longer is a match.  I would unformat the paper, returning it to curley bracketed form, do a search and replace of {Weiss G., 2009 with {Weiss, 2009 and then reformat the paper, reengaging CWYW from the third tab of the reformat bibliography interface. 

I am having the same problem.  There seems to be no solutions for this given on the messageboard. Help!!!