revising bibliography

i’m using endnote x3 with word 2008 for mac.  i created a bibliography  via CWYW on a multichapter document, then had to create new files for my publisher (one file per chapter, with the bib as a stand alone document).  i now want to add references to my bibliography with references that weren’t directly cited in the chapters.  i can’t unformat, since these are no longer attached to the document with their intext citations.  please tell me how i can integrate new references into this formatted bib.

What order do they need to be in.  Can you just copy the new refs in and realpha sort using Word’s data sort option? 

Otherwise, what style were they exported in and how many references are in the book, how many do you need to add and do you have access to the orginal document(s) with endnote formated text?  You DID save them, didn’t you?