Upgraded and Slow

My School provided a copy of endnote to all students every year. I installed Endnote X3 onto my computer and everything worked great! So recently I had to format my laptop, hence I had to reinstall Endnote. so I didn’t have the Endnote X3 installation file anymore, so I downloaded Endnote X4 (with the latest patch 4.0.2) from my school’s website. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit laptop, 8 GB Ram, word 2007. 

Now when I insert a citation it takes a while long for it to insert a citation with a window poping up showing process (in-text citation, formatting bib…etc). Also, I get a server busy window (with an option to switch to or wait) from Windows. When I was using Endnote X3 on the same computer, it didn’t take this long for it to insert a citation into word.  I’m using the same computer, same configuration, but just an upgraded verison. 

Things I have done and haven’t seen any difference:

  1. I have searched the forum and found that deleting styles I am not using would speed things up, I have done that and I see no difference. I have about 5 styles installed now.

  2. Turned off Instant Formatting 

3)In the Format bibliography pane, deactivate “Link in-text citations to bibliography”

Can someone help me speed this up? If I could install endnote X3, I would… but sadly my school’s IT doesn’t give us that anymore.

I’m using Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) with EndNote X4.0.2 and Word 2007 before switching to Word 2010 without experiencing the slow-down you’re experiencing.  Here’s a couple of thoughts:

  1. Did you uninstall X3 before installing X4?  If not, are you able to back-track by uninstalling X4 then X3, then installing X4, followed by the patch? See this Thomson Reuters FAQ for further information. 

  2. And just to clarify when you say your school “provided a copy” that means you received a licensed program which you installed on your computer - you aren’t accessing EndNote through a network - or is your copy part of a volume license? 

We’ve also seen this happening in EndNote X4 and very large documents (size on disk is over 5 megs for older computers or 10 megs for newer ones). 

Often removing imbedded images or other large objects from the document until you are ready to submit will keep this from happening. Working with a document in an unformatted state while Instant Formatting is also turned off will greatly reduce the size of the document as well.

It seems many users having this issue in EndNote X4, do not have the same issue in EndNote X5. If you have this available, you may want to try it as well.

If you don’t want to turn of CWYW completely, you can also turn off hyperlinkings which helps.