Urgent help! How to configure endnote to find full text from EBSCO

My library has subscription to EBSCO, and I can download  full text from the EBSCO website. But when I export citation to endnote X4.02, and right click this reference–>select “find full text”, It always fails!

I really need  urgent help! Thanks!

I have found this link somewhat helpful - but the two most important things was to activate the Pubmed link in preferences which is off by default (but don’t try downloading hundreds at a time, Pubmed and publishers get mad).  and have the endnote web (web of science) enabled. 

I am not sure how endnote is designed to follow links from EBSCO and I know that links to some publishers are more difficult for the endnote software to “follow” to their pdf than others.  I suggest you report it to Suggestions, so they can look at EBSCO and see if improvements can be made. 

Me too, I’d like to get a reply on this one…

EndNote’s Find Full Text feature does not work with EBSCO records. This is not a limitation of EndNote’s technology but rather that EBSCO specifically asked us to turn this ability off.

If this is important to you, I suggest contacting EBSCO and asking them to change their policy.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team