Exporting from EBSCO with PDF's

I create a folder and copy citiations to this folder. I can export multiple citiations to Endnote.

Is there any way to export with PDF’s.

No- not while importing, but after importing the records, have you explored the find full text options.  Select a group of refs you want the PDFs for, and right click and choose Find Full Text and Endnote should be able to retrieve the PDFs. 

For finding fulltext only works with ISIweb , Pubmed and OpenURL.

Is any compatable URL for EBSCO SportDiscus?

There is a good overview document on EndNote Find Full Text here:


In general, when properly configured, EndNote Find Full text will find PDFs from hundreds of different providers but the supported list is always changing. As data providers make changes to their sites, they often break FFT compatibility - temporarily. We make regular updates to fix, improve and expand the FFT feature.

EBSCO in particular is not very well supported by FFT - this is something we are working with EBSCO to try to improve.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

If the PDFs have a DOI on the title page you could import the records into EndNote from the PDF itself which will create the reference and attach the PDF in your EndNote library in one move. You will have to save the PDF temporarily first (I usually save it to the Desktop and then delete it from there afterwards).

  1. Open your EndNote library.

  2. In the toolbar, click FILE then IMPORT. The import dialog box will open.

  3. Click CHOOSE FILE, and find the PDF file you wish to import, click OPEN when prompted.

  4. Click the IMPORT OPTION dropdown arrow and select PDF.

  5. Click IMPORT in the dialog box.

  6. The reference metadata should be transferred into the open library and a copy of the pdf is inserted in the record.