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I am days away from handing in my honors thesis and am new to endnote. I am trying to edit my citations so that 1. They are in the format of (Paddy & Clara, 2005), when there are only two authors for a reference. Right my references are in the format Paddy, D., Clara, J. 2004. etc. But the citation is only showing (Paddy, 2004). Does any one know how to sort this out??

  1. So that my citations are in the format of (Paddy et al., 2004) when there are 3+ authors. Can anyone help?

Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks 

You can edit the Author Lists setting of the Style. To do this, click the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to your Style and click Edit. Click on Author Lists under Citations. Here you can set the options for Author Separators as well as the Abbreviated Author List First and Subsequent Appearances. This you would set to “If 3 or more authors list the first 1 author(s) and abbreviate with et al.” When you are done, Save your Style from the File menu and then update the your document with the modified Style.

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What Jason said, with an example, and you also need to ensure that the 1 to 2 author setting has the word and or & in it (with the spaces around it. This is in the “citations” settings (see attached).  When saving, save to new name, and use that edited style to reformat your thesis.  I also attach a version which you can use instead with the &

Cell&.ens (11 KB)