**URGENT HELP REQUIRED** - Endnote sorting in groups lost on systematic review - Can I recover?

I am currently sorting references using Endnote groups and have just lost most my sorting after closing Endnote and re-opening it. The groups are still there however the majority of the references are not sorted any more. It seems as is the version of Endnote is now about 7 hours behind what I am working on, even though I save regularly and saved before shutting Endnote down.

Is there anyway I can recover the last saved version of Endote  (as it certainly wasnt the version it is giving me now)?

This problem has happened to myself and my colleagues multiple times and we have endured a re-sort of a large number of references.

Our organisation will be changing immediately from Endnote to another product if this issue cannote be resolved. Endnote has proved too unstable for even basic use and is certainly the most unstable and unreliable product I have encounted in 20 years of IT and research.

Any immediate help would be appreciated as we I will have to redo a days work.

Where are you storing your library? – I can say that as a user, for several decades,  I have never had this problem, but I have also heard that people who put the library on a cloud – where it is open during synchronization, or open on more than one computer, can be faced with corruption or retrieval of an older version of the library.  Endnote doesn’t back up in stepwise anyway, so unless you have inadvertently opened an older library in a different location, I don’t think you will be able to retrieve your work.  As I say, I have never had this happen, so can’t comment on its cause.  

As a user forum, I doubt we care if you go to another program; for that threat to be effective, you may want to contact technical support directly.