EndNote crashed -- group sorting lost


EndNote 20 uiser here. Database with 6500+ references in it. Have been using it for weeks, sorting records into groups for a Systematic Review. Spent today finishing off the last 186 references. FInished about 45 min ago … then EndNote crashed and reopened again. When it reopened, the last 186 references were back in the unfiled folder and not in my groups. Had a look at the ENL file and it is datastamped last night … so EndNote didn’t save it when it crashed.

Surely I don’t have to refile those 186 records again, spending another 9 hours???

ENL file 12/05/2021 9:27PM
DATA folder 24/04/2021 11:39PM

PDF folder 12/05/2021 7:45PM (but has files saved as recently as 7:26PM tonight)

SDB folder

    sdb.eni 13/05/2021 7:52PM ← seems to be the only file that saved tonight?

    pdb.eni 12/05/2021 7:45PM


The enl file is just a pointer and doesn’t contain the database.  You can replace it with an empty file.  The folders in the .DATA folder contain the files with the database structure, but I suspect your hard work was lost.  Have you considered doing searches to assign results to your groups either by drag or drop, or creating smart groups? 

I’ve been stumped in a similar manner too. Was working with adding new references to a library consisting of lots of groups in group sets. Closed down for the night, and when I try to open it today I find all my groups and original references just fine, but the entire group set structure is simply gone and I’m left with a long list of ‘unfiled groups’.

Anyone got any idea as to what’s happened with my group sets?

I’m working in X9.3.3. 


Anaar, the exact same thing has just happened to me, though I’m working with EndNote 20. Did you find a way to recover your groups?