Problem with first and second citation of a reference

I encountered the following problem with Endnote7, Word2010 and APA-style V6:

The first citation of a particular reference is shown in my document as “Xxxx et al.” and the second one with full name list “Xxxx, Yyyyy & Zzzzz”. But it should be the other way round.

So I deleted all citations in my document, deleted the reference in Endnote, I imported the reference again and inserted the two citations in Word again - the problem remains the same. :frowning:

What to do? Can anyone help?

same citation? 

Have you altered the output style?  Can you attach the output style? 

Actually it is usual that any 2 or  3 author citation would always include all authors. More than 3 authors would get abbreciated to 1 et al.