Use Endnote Mac X2 library in Windows Endnote 9

I am currently using Endnote for Mac X2.  I am also using via Parallels Virtual OS Endnote 9 for Windows XP with Word 2003.

How can I use my previously created library of notes or cites created with the Mac X2 version in the Windows XP Endnote 9.

I was told you could just drag and drop the files, but that has not worked.  I have also tried moving them to our cross compatible file server wherein they are accessible by both the Mac and the Windows XP but likewise Endnote 9 still does not recognize the library and says that its damaged or corrupted.  However it works fine on the Mac.  We ran a repair of the library data files but still they do not work except to be read by the MAC X2.

Can someone shed some light on how to use this library in some sort of cross compatible nature.