Can I save an endnote X6 as Mac X2?


Can a save a library currently in endnote X6 on an MS platform into endnote X2 on a Mac? If so, how should I do it?

Work system is X6, home is X2.

Many thanks


You should be able to open the library (although I am not sure you use the “package” option).  When you open the library in X2 and then X6, X6 will reindex it - at least that is what happens when we open a library in X4 (it gets indexed) and then X6 (it gets reindexed) because the different versions index and save different content.  Depending on the size of the library and number of PDFs - the reindexing by X6 could take a few minutes to open the library, after having been opened in X2. 

I would recommend compressing your library to send it from the computer running EndNote X6 for Windows to the computer running EndNote X2 on the Mac as outlined in this article: