Help needed to import library (.lib) from Endnote 6 into Endnote X2


Don’t know if this is the right place in this forum (I’m relatively new to this forum).

I have been using Endnote 6 (Windows) for a long time. Recently I switched over to Mac OSX and bought Endnote X2. I assumed that importing my old library should be pretty straight forward, but is isn’t. Please help!


Can you describe the problem you are having.  It should open and convert the library to the X2 format.  On a PC it would create a new library and .DATA folder with the appended word “converted” l in the name, leaving the original library intact. 

I have a Endnote library on a Windows XP computer and have never experienced any problems when I had to transfer it to another computer. Recently I purchased a MacBook Pro (Leopard OSX) and also purchased the Mac version of Endnote X2. I assumed that it should be possible to import my “old” library.

I go to “File”, “Import” and select my library. (Import options: Endnote library; Duplicates: Import All; Text translation: No translation), hit the import button, but nothing is imported. 


Did you try to just open it from endnote? 

I cannot open this file in Endnote X2. It remains a bit grayish instead of full color (which you would normally have if you can open a file in OSX). 

So does your library have .enl as a part of the name?  If not, edit it to add it.  The beginning name should be the same as the .DATA folder (if there is one). 

So Library-Name.enl and Library-Name.DATA should be present in the same folder. 

double click the Library-Name.enl and the Mac should open it with EndnoteX2 and tell you it needs to convert it. 

Alternatively, if you open EndnoteX2, you it should now show up as a selectable file in the file>open library menu. 

If the library is already named with .enl extension, then you will need to contact Tech support, I think. 


Ah, yes!  the old “default” for endnote was the .lib as clearly noted in your subject heading!