Use of Term Lists to assign an Impact Factor to every reference of a library


My faculty distributes an Excel-worksheet containing all Journals and their current Impact Factors and requests a list of the researchers publications with their respective IFs. I thought to import the list as a Term List - but how can I achieve that every reference in the library gets its Journal + IF from the new list?? Or do you have other tricks on how to accomplish this task within EndNote? (I have a solution using Filemaker to merge this information…)

Thanks for any input

I have done such a list to import in Endnote but with last year IF.


The faq explaining how to enter the data is in French… google translator could help you !

If you send me the list with most recent IF, I can make an update.


Excellent! This is exactly what I did!! However, it seems that it is not working on already existing libraries or does it?

Thanks a lot for the encouraging answer


I believe you need to export the library first with the style, and then reimport it after merging.  This results in a change in the “record numbers”, so only use it going forward for new papers. 

I just test it and it seems to work directly on any library… if someone could confirm, I am interested to know.

I just get the 2009 list. I will merge it with my name file. Give me 3 or 4 days !


Yes, this approach works directly on existing references.

The journal list with 2009 impact factor is available here:

It will be a nice addition if Thomson could offer such a list. They produce both the impact factor and endnote…

The journal list has been checked manually and many errors (present in the Web of Science database) have been corrected.



Is it possible that the rating or IF is assigned to the respectice journal and displayed in the library window so that I also can sort by rating/IF?

That woukd be awesome! Thanks for your help!


Does anyone have instructions on how to import impact factors using endnote IN ENGLISH?

I have just updated the list of journals and I have included the 2013 impact factors. Many new journals have been added. I correct also many errors from Web Of Sciences web site about journal names and abbreviations.

The instructions are now both in French and in English (my English… be nice :wink: )

The list can be found on my web page:


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this is very cool,

Is there an update for 2016 before I try to do this on 2013 data?

Thank you!

Any chance to get an update of the files? Many many thanks in advance!!

Any cahnce to get updated files? Many many thanks in advance!!


This discussion helped me to update the journal names and corresponding impact factors in the term lists. Now, I wanted to select all the journals in my EndNote library which have impact factors greater than a certain value. Is there any ways to add the Abbreviation 1 (now my impact factor) in the EndNote fields so that I can sort all the journals based on the impact factors. Is there any better ways of doing this task.