Copying reference data

Hi all,

I have been updating chapters of a textbook (Kendig’s Disorders of the Childhood Respiratory Tract), however endnote didn’t recognize the file, and required manual entry of some of the data to generate a citation.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a better way of ensuring that the appropriate information is obtained/entered?

  2. I plan on uploading more chapters.  Rather than manually entering the data for each chapter, is there a way of “copying” some of the data from one reference so avoid the maual entry?

Thanks so much for your help with this.


Actually, I think this science direct link allows you to download all the chapters of this book?  - I used the export, it downloaded a RIS file and it imported automatically into my endnote datebase as Chapter sections.  

If that isn’t the case, the easiest way I have found, is to make a template with all the information that is the same – (no authors, chapter title, etc)  and then ctrl copy that record as a template and ctrl paste, as many as you need for the chapters and then fill in the differing chapters.  

This publisher has the chapters entered into a database however, others  sometimes list the individual chapters in google scholar, where you can down load them - but only one by one.  

hope that helps!  

When you say “endnote didn’t recognize the file” do you mean: 1) the document/chapter file does not contain the Endnote field codes to generate the in-text citation and corresponding reference (if you place your cursor on the citations the field would turn gray to indicate a hyperlink present); or 2) the Endnote field codes are present but the corresponding Endnote library is no longer available? (If you’re working from files sent from the publisher, the Endnote field codes probably were removed leaving just a text-based file.)

If the Endnote field codes are no longer in the document but you wish to use Endnote, you would need to create a reference record in an Endnote library. You could create the entries by: 1) copying and pasting information from the reference list to generate new records (maybe in conjunction with Endnote’s Find Reference Updates  to “fill-out”  assorted record fields), or 2) searching online to retrieve and download the needed records into Endnote.

If the Endnote field codes are present within the document you could generate an Endnote traveling library by exporting the data.

I noticed that the editors are coming in as a single line. You will need to separate them, but otherwise, I think most of the data is correct?  – but if not - you can select and show them all and change the fields at once for each of the missing shared fields?  

Thanks so much.  This does bring in the data, which is great, and I’ll just add the PDF’s of the chapters!  I did have to go through and change the editors, but that was less work than adding all of the data!

@ CrazyGeko:  The problem I was having was more of the latter, where I would have a PDF, and import it to Endnote, but there would be no reference data entered.  I was basically trying to find a way to avoid entering the same information for multiple chapters