User cannot save styes

I have a user who is trying to save changes to a style profile. He edits the style, and attempts to save the style profile as a different name. No errors popup, but when he pulls up the “Select Another Style” and gos to the sve path its not there. I duplicated this on my PC without any problems. I’m wondering if this is a rights issue?

System Info:

Win XP

Word 2007

 EndNote X5

Did the user search the computer to identify the path location of the saved style file?  Then compared that path against the path listed in the EndNote Preferences “Folder Locations” for  the Style Folder*?  (X5 may be storing the output style in an “EndNote” folder in the My Documents folder.)

If the paths are different, either move the style file to the path location shown in the Preferences “Folder Locations” or change the path of the Preferences “Folder Locations” to match the path where the saved style is located on the computer.


* Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit, Preferences, then click to select “Folder Locations”.

What do you mean he goes to the sve path?  Endnote doesn’t ask you to “go” anywhere.  It automatically pulls the styles from two folders.  One the installation folder located in the endnote folder in the program folder on the C: drive.  Since windows vista, this folder is write protected, so the endnote program has a second User accessible folder defined by the preferences which in the original installation, points to the My Documents or Documents/endnote/styles folder.  As CG says, one should be looking there and not in the C: drive location, looking for the file “manually”.