User programmable hot keys

Endnote could use some more hot keys (i.e. the ones where you press CTRL and a letter).  Ideally, some of the menu items could be programmable.  For example, I would die for a CTRL-N to add a new reference since not all web sources support RIS downloads, but nearly all will let you cut and past a DOI into the correct field which you can then update to get the rest of the reference.

Ctrl N does open a new reference window?  I agree it would be nice to add others, but there is a pretty big set already, which you can view from help with “keyboard” search.  

Keyboard Commands 

A full set of key commands is available so that you can enter references without using the mouse. For example, to create and enter a new reference without touching the mouse, select Ctrl+N to add a new reference, type the bibliographic information using Tab or Shift+Tab to move forward or backward between the fields, and then press Ctrl+W to save and close the reference.

Command Function

Ctrl + N Creates a new reference
Ctrl + Click To select more than one reference
Shift + Click Selects a range of references
Ctrl + E Opens selected references
Ctrl + W Closes the active window
Tab Selects the next field
Shift + Tab Selects the previous field
When text is selected
Ctrl + T Sets the text style to plain
Ctrl + L Selects the plain font
Ctrl + B Turns bold on and off
Ctrl + I Turns italics on and off
Ctrl + U Turns underlines on and off

and another overlapping list of Keyboard Commands


Key Command

create a new reference


select more than one reference


select a range of references


open selected references


switch between active library windows


close the active library window

Ctrl +W

close all library windows of the same type as the active library window


select the next field Tab
select the previous field Shift+Tab

when the cursor is in an Author, Journal, or Keywords field, display the appropriate Term list for term selection


When entering text:

undo the previous command


cut selected text and put it on the clipboard


copy selected text and put it on the clipboard


paste text from the clipboard at the insertion point


select all text in a field


check spelling


set the text style to Plain Font


select the Plain font


turn bold on or off


turn italic on or off


turn underline on or off