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I have jumped from version 8 to XI  Why did you remove the shortcut key of Alt-n in the new reference window to access reference type?  I know that this is a little thing, but why remove an existing functionality in “upgrading”?-- especially when there appears to have been no need to appropriate that key sequence for another use. 

More generally, why can’t EVERYthing – or almost everything – that can be done with the rodent be done from the keyboard?  Shouldn’t this be a standard design consideration?  EndNote is pretty good about this, but …

(Of course, I am only posting this because EndNote has over the years become essential to the way I work.  Thanks!) 

I fully and strongly endorse the call for better keyboard commands/shortcuts in Endnote Xxx. I am sorry to see that even shortcuts available earlier have disappeared in later versions of Endnote. E.g., when entering a new reference, Alt-n would take you to the reference type window, so that you could change ‘journal’ to ‘book’ etc…  Now that is gone (in last several versions).

Here are some requests (wishlist?) for X3 version:

  1. Alt-N to take you to the reference type window when entering a new reference

  2. Control-K to take you to the Quick search window (this shortcut is now standard in many software, including Firefox, Thunderbird,  etc.)

3.  Control-W should work with the Endnote help window also (to close it)

4.  Control-P to toggle (hide/unhide) the preview

  1. Alt-P to open the pdf file linked with the reference.  (or onecould do Control-P here and Alt-p for#4 above).

I request others to add to this list, and I request Endnote team to really take these requests seriously. They say it turned out to be more complicated than they thought, but not clear how they had shortcuts earlier that are now gone. Also not clear why all shortcuts are not documented. The online help says “This table shows a few of the keyboard commands available to you.” Isn’t that strange?

Ctrl K is the key-combination to copy a formated reference – please don’t take it away for another purpose! 

Adding to the list:

Ctrl+P should be Print, not anything else.

I also vote for Leanne to keep the Ctrl+K for “copy formatted”.

Sorry, I had forgotten the role Cntrl-K already plays. But I hope you folks agree with the larger point about needing a keyboard shortcut to get to the quick search window (which otherwise is not so quick, as one searches for it with the mouse!).

Folks, do send in more suggestions to Endnote. Do also just endorse the requests. They really need to see lots of people demanding keyboard shortcuts.

Customizable keyboard shortcut would be nice, because people use software in various combination. Like Mac OS’s old day extension…Quick Key??

However, Endnote has more serious issues like buggy performance with Win Vista, 64 bit OS, Mac OS, Mac Page, and MS Word 2007 and 2008, which is causing the loss of user base. I’ve seen endnote faithful users start looking somewhere else. I think priority is to make the software more solid and stable than adding new functions. I know it’s going to be fantastic if all we say here comes true in the next version, but it seems resources in the developer are limited.

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