Shortcut keys

is there a way to assign (application or user-defined) shortcut keys for some repetitive actions when working on an endnote library? e.g. ‘Ctrl+C’ for copy and so on…


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Yes, there are some shortcuts already available and a facility to change some of them. 

Ctrl+C copies a record for example when invoked in the library display window and you can paste it back into the library - to duplicate it, and edit it - useful if you have multiple chapters to enter from the same book.  To copy a formatted reference the Endnote shortcut is ctrl-K (copy formatted).  Many of these are summarized on a “poster” at Adept’s website. You may have to register on the site to download this. 

From the X3 program help, you can search for shortcut for more information. There you can find some of the presets, and instructions to add or change a keyboard shortcut for the word CWYW shortcuts:

  1. Word 2003 : From Word’s Tools>EndNote menu, select Cite While You Write Preferences. (I added some images as attachments – Under tools (see screen1 gif) you can set some of the CWYW tool shortcuts (see screen2 gif)). 

Word 2007 : On the EndNote tab, in the Tools group, click Preferences.

  1. Click the Keyboard tab.

  2. From the list of commands, select the command for which you would like to add (or change) a shortcut.

  3. Under “Press new shortcut key,” enter the new shortcut key combination on the keyboard.

  4. Click Assign to assign the new shortcut.

Follow the same steps to remove an assigned shortcut key, except click Remove instead of Assign.

Click Reset All to remove custom key assignments.

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I don’t see the shortcut to “Link to Pdf”… how do I setup its shortcut?

There have been requests about user-defined shortcut that works in Endnote. #7 of the X4 wish list is about that.

To be able to implement, some scripting and macro function (like VisualBasic) needs to be implemented. It seems like Mac version has AppleScript before Windows version, which allows some scripting. I don’t know this becomes reality or not, because scripting is usually requested by (computer-savvy) power users.

Yes, as Myoshigi suggests, you can’t really edit Endnote’s tools, just some of those that inface with Word.  Until they figure out a way to impliment scripting.  Sorry.

Where can I look for Endnote related scripting/macros related resources?

It’s a future issue. Current EN doesn’t have scripting capacity. You could do some of the automation using OS-level tools like Workspace Macro. Check comments from Thomson-Reuter in this thread.

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How do we edit the end notes?  What is the shortcut key to access it?