Using cite while you write with a shared group from endnote online

Is it possible to use cite while you write with a shared group from endnote online? We have a shared group on endnote online, but the other people can’t access the references in word. Also, I have tried to add the references from the shared group to a new group in my own library, but that won’t work either. Any help or advice, much appreciated, thanks!

Once each user has an account, you can then create a group or groups in your EndNote online library that will hold the references you want to share.

  1. Once the group or groups are created, you will want to go to the Organize tab and choose Manage My Groups.
  2. In here you will need to check the Share boxes for any group you wish to have others use.
  3. Once you’ve chosen which groups to share, click the Manage Sharing Button.
  4. Now choose the “Start sharing this group” link.
  5. Type out the e-mail address(es) that each user you wish to share the group with, used to register for EndNote online. Make sure each address is on it’s own line.
  6. Choose Read & Write for each user to allow them to edit the references in the group you are sharing and add new references to the group.

The users should now have the group(s) you shared with them in their shared groups section of the library. Each user will need to do the following in order to use the Cite While You Write tools with the shared group.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to Organize / Other’s Groups
  3. Check the Show and “Use for Cite While You Write” for access.

Now the users can add, edit and use the references from this mass shared folder in your EndNote online account in Word. If they delete a reference, it will be removed from the shared group, but still in your EndNote online library. You have the administration privileges but the users can manage the folder’s contents on their own.

For more information, please see

You can find this information in our Knowledgebase

This does not work.

I have poured through these forums, opened a service ticket, and chatted online with a service tech.

For shared groups in Endnote online and Endnote X8 right now:

(1) Shared groups cannot be synced between Endnote online and Endnote X8.  You can only see a shared group online.

(2) There is a “bug” such that you can’t move references from shared groups into any other group.

(3) If you have a large enough shared group, you can’t export them because it will cause a gateway timeout.

(4) You can’t select or create a subgroup of references to export from a large shared group because of the “bug” and lack of this functionality inherent in Endnote online.

(5) Even with the plugin and Endnote online, you can’t see references from a shared group in CWYW in Word.

Basically, if you have a big shared group, you get to look at it online.  You can’t move, download, export, import, or sync these references to anything.

Shared groups are completely useless right now in Endnote.

I am having the same problem.  If someone knows what I can do to fix this, please let me know.  I tried the above instructions, and they did not work for me.  Thanks!

Currently you should be able to copy references from the Group Shared by other section to one your own groups at this time as noted earlier this had stopped working previoulsy.

If you are having trouble with this or with CWYW then I would contact Technical Support directly.

1-800-336-4474 or

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