Using CWYW and adding references not cited in the document


I have searched the forum but can’t seem to locate an existing answer. I am using Endnote X7.5 and Word 2016 for mac.

I have 75 references but only cited 60 of them using the CWYW tool in word 2016. I would like to add the remaining 15 references but when I manually insert them into my bibliography then are removed automatically when I update my bibliography. 

How do I add those references which aren’t cited to the automatically generated bibliography without losing them?

Thanks so much!

Inserting references manually (without using Endnote) creates only temporary references which immediately disappear when updating the document – that’s why the references are removed.

The bigger question is why are you co-mingling cited and uncited references in the same bibliography? This is unusual. Are the 15 uncited references secondary sources? If they are secondary resources do the style guidelines for your discipline/targeted journal/project indicate: 1) it’s okay to co-mingle primary and secondary sources; or 2) the need to list secondary sources in a separate/supplemental bibliography.

Assuming, however, for whatever unusual reason it’s appropriate to co-mingle cited and uncited references in the same bibliography what you could do is:

  1. Find a blank area between the last sentence of your document and the beginning of your bibliography list.
  2. Select the15 uncited references in your EndNote library and insert them into the blank area.
  3. Now select the 15 in-text citations and edit each one so they “Show Only in Bibliography”.

The 15 in-text citations will now be hidden, but the references appear in the bibliography. Refer to the Endnote training video on editing citations for Mac.

Or do what I do, Select those references inserted as described by CG, and then select them and make them hidden text.  I prefer this way, as I can still “see them” if hidden text is visible in the settings, where as they are totally invisible in a document when you include them only in bibliography (unless you convert to unformated citations, and then I think they appear as a record number only temporary citation in curly brackets, so I don’t know what reference it is, easily).  

Thanks for the response! It worked!

They requested this for some reason. I am not sure why.