Using Endnote with a large document

I have a book I am writing and Word as everybody knows has enough problems as it stands, but for large documents it eats memory and has problems. Everybody tells me to split the book into chapters and do them separately. I am worried about Endnote however. My references would start from [1] again would they not? I am using the numbering system and not APA. Is there a way around this that is easy? Suppose I am not going to add any more references to the previous chapters, can I start a new chapter and add all of my references first as dummies and then continue so Endnote will think it has already used up the previous references even though the previous chaptersare not there?

Also Endnote is dreadully slow as many have reported but it does work eventually if you are patient.


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We don’t seem to have this problem with large documents. My students write theses all the time which are over 200 or 300 pages, so I am not sure of the problem you are facing.  I recommend they wait and add figures last, as that certainly degrades performance.  

But if you work in chapters and wait to combine them all at the end, it will renumber them (and not double cite them, if used in several chapters) creating one bibliography at the end of the book.  Safest to convert to unformated citations before combining and then combine them, and then update citations and bibliography.