Will endnote help?

This is a very simple question because I don’t know diddly about Endnote. Here’s the situation: I am working on a book using Word for Mac 2011 on a Mac intel desktop running Lion. I have endnotes at the tail of all my chapters. What I would like to is move those endnotes into a separate document (a chapter of all the endnotes) while preserving the original reference numbers. I can’t do this in Word. Can your software help?

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As long as you don’t want it to be updated afterwards.  You can copy the bibliography - you want to wait until you are finished editing , then make a copy of the document and unlink the endnote fields on a copy (this is an endnote tool or you can use words unlink field command which unlinks ALL fields), prior to  moving the bibliography to a new document.   

Thanks very much for the quick  response. However, it is not the bibliography i"m worried about. It already is in its own document. It’s he tchapter endnotes that are giving me fits. I can’t figure out how to the endnotes from each chapter in a separate document or chapter.

I am not sure I get what you are after.  You want to move all the “footnotes/endnotes” (which are inserted by word>insert footnote/endnote)  at the end of a section chapter to a new document?  They wouldn’t be generated by the Endnote program, just contain the endnote citations… So if you can’t do it in Word, I don’t think Endnote will help. 

But maybe I am not understanding you.  Not a real footnote guru.  Not used much in the sciences.  Perhaps a humanities group member can help. 

Thanks, Leanne. You have correctly understood what I’m trying to accomplish; I just haven’t figured out a way to do it. I believe that in Word endnotes are directly linked to the individual document and if you remove the document the link also disappears. But it seems as though there should be a way to do a simple screen capture leaving the reference numbers intact. I don’t think it would make much difference if the subject was science or sociiology. What I’m trying to do is replicate a practice commonly used in non-fiction books where there is a section at the end of the text entitled something like Chapter Notes where the endnotes from each of the chapters are in a collection rather than having the notes published at the end of each chapter.

Anyway, I appreciate your time and effort.

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Well I googled the topic and came up with this work-around, which doesn’t look too bad.  It suggests you copy them, and then auto-renumber the paragraphs.  http://word.tips.net/T005395_Endnotes_in_a_Separate_Document.html

Wow, Leanne, you’re a much better Googler than I. That’s the closest I’ve found to a colution to what I want to do. I’m not sure if this works with Word for Mac 2011 but I’ll give it a try. Again, many thanks.