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I have a deskop Mac with Endnote X7 and sync the library with my online endonote account so I can use my library on other computers as well. When I am away from my home U ise my Macbook with CWYW for the Mac to format my paper. This all worked very well until I had to create my own output style. 

I create a style based on an existing style (different name of course) and this work okay on my desktop but I cannot seem to figure out how to get my new utput style to my macbook CWYW. My macbook uses my Endnote online library and does not have access to my own output style. 

How do I get this to work? Or should i give up on Endnote online and maybe use a traveling library or move the library to a shared dropbox and install Endnote X7 on my macbook as well?

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!

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You should be able to switch from working with EndNote online to Endnote desktop which would enable using your custom output style file. Refer to the knowledgebase article  which describes changing to the desired application (online <----> desktop).

Hi, thanks for your reply!

That article is about sharing references and that works just fine! The problem is my own output style. I don’t know how to share this over several computers.

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, if you have a single user license you won’t be able to “share” the output style file across several computers as you can syncing/sharing libraries. The Endnote desktop software would need to be installed on the remaining computers in order to use your custom output style file. Usually the Endnote software can be installed on 2 computers. For additional licenses, you should contact customer service (see below).

If, however, you’re accessing Endnote from a department or /institutional network you might be able to bypass the licensing issue by contacting the network administrator to install your custom style for you which then should be accessible across your computers.

Customer service

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+1-800-336-4474, press 3

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Thanks for the reply. 

I have installed Endnote on my macbook as well. And synchronized the library with Endnote online. And imported my custom output syle.

I am now able to fromat my references on my Macbook, but unfortunately the record numbers don’t match, so I get double references in my bibliography. 

I can’t unserstand how that could have happened because I have not touched the references in my Macbook library. 

From your description it sounds like you synced the second computer/MacBook library (containing references) to your EndNote Online account. However, to avoid generating duplicate references when syncing the second computer to your EndNote Online account you should start with an empty library on the second computer. Syncing a library with references from the second computer means those references will be copied to the Endnote Online account and the references in the EndNote online account (copied from the desktop) will be copied to the MacBook’s library, Also, if you mistakenly synced the desktop to your EndNote Online account all of the references will be copied back to the desktop. This will create a lot of duplicate references.

Hopefully you haven’t synced the desktop so those references haven’t comingled with the duplicates. Presumably you want to retain the references that originated from the desktop library (?). If so, delete the duplicate records that originated from the MacBook library which in turn will be deleted from the Endnote Online account when syncing the MacBook/second computer.

Thanks for your reply! 

I did start with an empty libary on my MacBook. I synced it with Endnote online. 

And I have not made alterations to any Endnote library. So these do not contain duplicate references. 

Apparently, I just had to open my Word document and Update the bibliography a couple of times on both desktop and laptop.

Everything is running smoothly now! 


I have a similar problem. I had to reinstall the Plug-in on MS Word but now I can’t seem to access the Output Styles I had edited, even though they’re still functioning and visible on Endnote. Is there a way of syncing these? I tried to see if the Plug-in has different Output Styles but could only find one set…

Any advice?!

thanks, Tom