Can you export a custom output style?

I’ve edited/created a copy of the NLM format to more suite how we use it at my institution, however I want to export this style so that I can use it on my various computers.

Is this possible?



Sure you can.

It is saved where-ever your folder preferences are set to save - if a PC probably my documents/endnote/filters.  If you send it or copy it to a new computer, you can drop it there, or you can open it (which should open it in Endnote) and save it and it will save it the appropriate place. 

If you have edited your reference types though, you need to export those and import it into Endnote on each machine. 

Hello Chad,

The location of your custom Output Styles would vary by the version of the software. By default, the locations of your custom Output Styles would be as follows:

EndNote X2 and later:

Windows XP/7 : My Documents\EndNote\Styles

Windows Vista: Documents\EndNote\Styles

Mac OS : Documents\EndNote\Styles

EndNote X1 or earlier:

Windows : C:\Program Files\EndNote #\Styles (Where # is the version number for EndNote)

Windows 64-bit Systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote #\Styles (Where # is the version number for EndNote)

Mac OS : Applications\EndNote #\Styles (Where # is the version number for EndNote)

To verify the Style folder location, click on the Edit menu (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Folder Locations and note the path to the Styles folder. You can then transfer your custom style to the other computer. See this article for information on installing a Style on the other computer:

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