Why it is always recommended to save the library as enl instead of enlp ?


Why most researchers avoid saving the library as an  enlp and recommend to to save it as an  enl? Thank you in advance.

P.S. I’m a Macbook user. 

Two possible reasons for not using ENLP:

One if you move to a Windows computer or want to share your library with a Windows user the Windows machine cannot open an ENLP file it is a MAC specific format that only works on a MAC.

You would need to compress and send an ENLX is the best way to share or move a library to another machine.

Two is that if your library ends up getting damaged and needs to be recovered, you cannot directly recover an ENLP library you have to remove the library from the package file before you can recover it.

In addition to the information Tony provided, Direct Export from online databases will not work if you have your library saved as a package .enlp file.

Hi, when updating to Endnote X9.3.1 (on Mac Mojave), I checked the ‘Save as a Package’ box and created an .enlp file containing the library and the data file. I now want to undo this, and have separate .enl file (for the library) and data files (for the PDFs). What is the best way to do this?

You can remove the library from the package file but if you are using the sync feature you will need to start a new library and save it not as a package and then sync to move your references.

The following steps will break the sync of your library so only perform them if you are not using the sync feature.

Go to the location where your library is saved > if you see the library name ending with “.enlp”, right click or hold down the Control key and click with the mouse > Show Package Contents > You can remove the enl and data folder from the package put them in another location.

You can double click the enl file to open the library.

Please contact Technical Support directly if the above steps do not resolve the issue.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Thanks for this. I am using the sync feature, so I will think twice before doing anything.

Hi, I solved this in another way. With the library open I chose ‘Save a Copy’ from the File menu. This time, though, I did not check the ‘save as a package box’. Result, library and data saved as two separate files. Everything present and correct, and sync working. Fingers crossed!