Using RM10 to solve a silly problem


I am in the rather unhappy position of researching and writing my thesis without the full attention of a Supervisor.  My work is rather out of his field and he has recently been promoted to department head and has had little time to help me.

I wrote my dissertation in MSW 2007 using separate files for each chapter and placing references (endnotes) in each chapter.  Now I find that I am required to place all the references (as a bibliography) in a separate section at the end of the thesis.  Simply concatenating the files as I must does not move the endnotes.  I decided to use RM to construct a data base of all my references (about 120 or so), then create a bibliography, and then renumber the citation numbers in the text to match.  Before I commenced the exercise I retained the original separate chapters and so I do know which reference is required at each citation point in the text.

Perhaps there was a better way of tackling the problem but …

Firstly I am using RM 10 because my University has a site license for it.  RM 10 does not seem to recognise or integrate with MSO 2007. 

Secondly I am not presently able to buy RM 12.  I have the evaluation version which does integrate with MSO 2007.  I am allowed 20 accesses to my database :-).  RM 12 can access my RM 10 database.

Now some questions.

1.  I had no luck trying to import references from MSW, even when I first saved them as a .txt file.  I created field separators and a reference separator and wrote a filter file but the impot subbornly imports 0 references.  I gave up that approach.

2.  I am now well advanced with entering the references into my RM 10 database by hand but with copy/paste and history stack support for text fields.

3.  A pressing question is how do I retrospectively enter a reference in the database so that it appears at the appropriate ID Number position and hence at the appropriate position in the bibliography?

4.  I really need a way of opening some space in the data base reference sequence so that I can insert new references.

I look forward to hearing from experienced users who will probably laugh at my prentice attempts to solve this problem.


Andy Soper

Chemistgry Dept.

Rhodes University

South Africa


It was not oly a silly problem bur actually rather a silly question based on ignorance.  I claim temporary insanity due to unrelated sources of extreme stress (see footnote)  I managed to set up a database of my existing references using RM10 to which I have unlimited access.  I vaguely assumed that the order of the references in the  database should be the order of the references used in the document which is, of course, not so at all, and so there is no need to add an additional reference at a specific ID number.

I am now using the RM12 trial version to install the references in a composite document containing all my chapters:  Before I have used up my 20 database accesses I hope to have been able to but RM12.

I have no one to blame but myself for the confusion.  However, as a teacher, I have learned that when teaching it is vital to teach the ‘why’ (the philosopy) along with the ‘how’ of anything.  An overview of the relationship of the data base to document being referenced might have prevented my error.  I worked the conducted tour and it told me lots of ‘how’ but very little why.  I also write software and there is a deadly error when writing HELP … assuming that the reader knows things which to the author seem quite obvious.

Footnote:  I told my bank that I had inherited certain assets and was waiting for the dec eased’s estate to be ‘liquidated’.  The bank somehow latched on to the word ‘liquidated’ and assumed that I had inherited an insolvent estate and was now liable fo the deceased’s debts.  I had visions of them claiming against the estate for repayment of my operating overdraft!



I am an Endnote user, but why don’t you download the references you need from PubMed rather than entering by hand or copy pasting.  That is much more efficient.  I am not familiar with 2007’s inbuilt reference package, but can you “unformat” them?  Would that allow you to reformat them without the use of RM at all? 

Finally, have you checked out Zotero, the free software, which might give you what you need in the short term?  I am pretty sure it should accept RM formated databases and might also be able to import MSword 2007 data?


I hadn’t read about Zotero, but have looked it up after your post. It certainly looks interesting, and if they or Corel developed  a WordPerfect X4 plugin I would be VERY intersted, especiallyas RM don’t show any signs of life on this integration…