Using secondary sources (citations within citations)

I have a dim recollection I’ve asked this before but don’t remember the answer and don’t fnd anything.

I need to cite a document that is cited in another document, i.e., a secondary source. In the text, the reference should read (Bloggs 2000, quoted in Silf 2005). Both Bloggs and Silf should appear in the bibliography. How do I format that so I don’t have to go back and fiddle the text after formatting the bibliography?



One way  is to insert the text you want in the prefix of the citation, or as below in the unformated citation. You may have to edit the style, sort order to be order of appearance, so they don’t get swapped.  Alternatively put the endnote references in as hidden text and type whatever you want as the reference. 


{Bloggs, 2000 #2595; quoted in \Silf, 2005 #32}

Hidden text, now that’s clever. I will try your prefix method. For some reason I didn’t think it would work. THanks, Leanne.