Vancouver style not working on mac

I am using Endnote X3 on a macbook pro (Word 2008).  I normally using output styles that list authors in the text.  However, I have to use the Vancouver style for a manuscript.  I select the Vancouver style, but the in-text citations are not numerals.  Whatever I do, the in-text citations always show up as the author names.  I have downloaded 3 versions of the Vancouver style and they all do the same thing.  The bibliography is also formatted incorrectly (no numerals).  Has anyone encountered this before? 

Are you absolutely sure the style that is being used for the document has been switched to use the Vancouver style?  Having it selected in the endnote program is not enough.  You need to “format bibliography”, select the vancouver style there, and then click okay.  This is because you might be working on several documents at once.  You don’t want to have to change the endnote style each time you are working on a different manuscript to a different journal.  The style is linked to the document. 

I feel stupid.  Yes, that was the problem.  I have been using an older version of Endnote on a PC and have never had to do that.  Whatever style was chosen in Endnote automatically became the format in whatever Word document was in use (everything switched over immediately after inserting a citation).  Thanks!!  I really appreciate it!!!