Various Endnote versions, Endnote Web, the iPad Application and syncing libraries between computers

As we have users with  X6 on the Mac, and X7 on the PC, and users who still have older versions on laptops, and many are beginning to explore the iPad app, does it matter which version of the desktop is being used with how the app interfaces and how Endnote syncs?  

I haven’t explored any of these options in X7 yet, and wonder how the developers envision people with multiple versions of endnote on various machines will use some of the new features. 

Trés concerned and confused.  

Hi Leanne,

Great question.

The iPad app syncs with EndNote online, so as long as an iPad app user creates that account (either through the app, or through a browser at they will be able to sync their references and groups across both platforms. This functionality is not impacted if they have a desktop install or not, and desktop versions don’t dictate the functionality of the app. Of course, X6 and X7 users who are enabling sync will be able to access their library across all three platforms, where as X5 users would only be able to access those references they have pushed to via Transfer.  

Users who have purchased X7 for Windows will be able to download and install X7 for Mac at no charge when it releases in late July using the same product key and serial number. EndNote’s End User License Agreement allows for the download and install of X7 to three computers: 2 PC laptops, and 1 Mac desktop, or 2 MacBooks, and 1 PC laptop, etc. Of course, anyone is free to stick with the same operating system for all three installs as well. 

This will allow for each EndNote installation using the same serial number and product key to sync with each other via EndNote online. References and Groups will sync, but users will have to recreate Group Sets. 

I hope this helps. Let me know if you are in need of any further information.

Meredith M. 

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