Cant find my bibliography styles...

I use endnote x6 with Pages.

Since a few days my bibliography output styles are lost.

In Pages, if i go Edit>Endnote Citations>Bibliography Format>Then the only style that comes up is Annotated.

In Endnote x6, if i look at folder locations it is set to /Applications/EndNote X6/Styles

That is also where I find the styles folder in my finder window.

What gives?

I wish, when using Endnote, I woudn’t have to deal with stuff like this. I frequently do. Way too often.

Have you moved your EndNote file? If so, this would cause the program problems recognizing the installed Styles. The EndNote (the extension may be hidden) Application File needs to be inside the Applications > EndNote X6 folder. You can create an Alias to the file, but moving it will cause issues. If the file is present, you may need to reset your Style Favorites. To do this, click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Check the Styles you want listed as Favorites then close the Style Manager. Quit and restart both EndNote and Pages to see Styles in Pages.

Hi thanks for your quick reply. Impressive!

I haven´t moved any folders and the app is in the right place.

Still, your solution worked!

Thanks again.

I am friends with endnote again.