when importing, there is always one reference missing

I use EndNote 9. When I import references from PsychInfo, thre is always the last reference missing. So there will be imported only 2 references (the first two), when I exportet 3 and there will be imported none, when I exported one. What could be the problem?

Two questions:

  1. Are you using the latest EndNote import filter for Psychinfo available from the Thomson Reuters EndNote website?  Filters are modified and updated over time so what initially worked well “out of the box” may be outdated now. To check on the filter and date go to this section on the EndNote support site: http://www.endnote.com/support/enfilters.asp

  2. Are you running EndNote 9 with the the issued program patch and plugin?  One patch upgrades the program to 9.0.1., the plug-in  addresses a “blank year” issue or references dated 2010 or later. To view and download the patch and plug-ingo to: http://www.endnote.com/support/enupdates.asp

Thank you very much for your reply. With the latest EntNote import filter for Psychinfo, the problem is solved!