Problem with direct import form PsycInfo on OVID to Endnote X2

I am a librarian having some problems with Direct import from PsycInfo on Ovid to Endnote X2: I do a search (ex: head start program), then select a range of results, 1-200, and then save to Direct Export format. Then one of two things happen:
1.Endnote starts importing but it only imports about 25 references correctly, the other 75 has ** No Filter ** in the Author field, ** Details in Notes Field ** in the title field and the rest in the Notes. The total number does not amount to 200.
2. When Endnote starts importing, i get the error pop-up “Service Error: Memory Error” and then the choose import filter opens up even though it’s a direct import (see attached files)

I noticed that the references imported correctly all have only one author and the others have more then one.

I Can anyone help ?

Many Thanks,


Thanks for reporting this problem, Caroline. The same problem occurs here (except that not even some of the references are imported), and subsequently, saving as a file and importing doesn’t work either unless I close and re-open EndNote. I just called Ovid, but they were not aware of this problem and didn’t have a solution yet. I hope that someone comes up with a solution for this serious problem soon.


Martin de la Iglesia

If anyone would like to try to reproduce this problem: Please note that only X2 (Windows) seems to have this bug. Previous versions and X2 (Mac) work fine.


Thank you for the follow-up!

I did some tests today and I think it might have something to do with the range of results, ie 1-200. I read in the help section that 200 is the maximum number of results that can be imported at once from PsycInfo. So i tried exporting a range of 1-198, and it worked. But then I tried again with 1-195 and it didn’t (same error pop-up and import filter selection box), so I don’t quite know what to make of it.

Also, these importations seem to have corrupted my endnote database because each time I try to scroll down my results in my library, I get a general Endnote error pop-up. Same thing happened with my first tests last week.

thanks again,

Which help do you mean? The OvidSP help? I didn’t find anything about a 200 record limit there, but Ovid told me yesterday that there were limits set for each user group, and ours was set to 1000 records, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Hello Caroline,

Now that this has come to my attention, we will see what can be done to resolve the issue.

Hopefully, it’s just something odd with the Export that can be resolved…  but, it may require a new PsychINFO (OVIDSP) filter.  

I will alert this thread when we find a solution.

Thanks for your patience.


Hello PsycINFO (OvidSP) folks,

Current results of testing indicate that a myraid of filters between A and C appear to interfere with the correct recognition of this filter during the Direct Export process.

While I am working on the issue, it doesn’t appear that there is any rhyme or reason to which filters are the culprit.

Presently, the rather in-elegant workaround is going to be to remove the filters, A thru C, from the filters folder.

I apologize for any inconvience this may cause, and further updates will be forthcoming to this thread.

Thanks for your patience,


Not only is this workaround inelegant, it simply doesn’t work here.

I just found out it does work if I remove some more filters (A to ~E). Still, not exactly elegant.

Hello again,

When I select a range of more than 200 results, a red message appears on the screen between the export settings box and the first result that says : “The number of results you have selected exceeds 200, the maximum allowable per download. Please select fewer records and retry your request. See the Results Manager topic in the Help for suggestions on working with large sets.”(see attachment)



This looks like your download limit is 200 items. As I’ve mentioned previously, the limit varies from Ovid user group to user group. Did you get in touch with Ovid? Maybe they can change your settings.