X5.0.1 Import from Psychinfo on OVID not working


I am trying to export references from  Psychinfo on OVID and import them to ENDNOTE 

unfortunately Endnote keeps crashing with this pop up 

"ENDNOTE X5.0.1n (BLD 5774) has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. " 

I am using WINDOWS 7 2009

Sometimes it will imprt one reference.   I have been exporting in batches of 500. 

I am selecting ENDNOTE as my type of file to export - complete reference  - and no attachments. 

Can you help?



An Addition to the above I did manage it (by doing only 200 at a time (which is rather tedious) and using RIS as an export filter - BUT this hasn’t worked as all the journal titles have come across into the title field!


Have you looked at the exported files?  I think OVID limits the number of files you can export, not endnote.  

Also, did you see if there was a more recent filter?  

I think the restriction in numbers is imposed by the database - not by Endnote.  Have you checked whether there is a new filter 


The most recent one is from 2012-01-06.

I did try with less than 200 refs and the same thing happened. 

Ok I’ll try this new filter.