When using mac it always asks me to find the right application

Hey all,

I’m using Endnote 7.0.1 with my Mac. When I try and export a reference from the internet into my Endnote Libary it first downloads it as normal and makes a little .ris file appear in the bottom left hand corner of my browser. Again, all normal. When I click on this though, isntead of it going straight and importing that reference into my end note library it tells me that it can’t find the right application to open this file. I then have to chose one and select endnote and then it imports it. Just a hassle. Was wondering if I could autoset my computer to recognise to use Endnote for these .ris files?

Thanks heaps in advance

Greetings lachlan,

If you use Mozilla Firefox when direct exporting references from an online database on a Mac you should be able to set Firefox to remember how to handle the mentioned temporary RIS file.  You wouldn’t be able to configure Safari to remember how to handle this type of file and Google Chrome can be hit or miss in this regard on a Mac.  For more information, please checkout the following knowledgebase article:


Please let me know if this helps.

It is very useful post.