Setting application on a Mac.

Hi, I have recently upgraded from a PC to a Mac and now having to relearn how to use EndNote as efficiently as before. My issue is that every time I want to import a reference, for example from google scolar, I am hit with a promp:

There is no application set to open the document “scholar (9).enw”. Search the App Store for an application that can open this documebt, or choose an existing application on your computer.

The particular error message obviously changes with each referecne as "Scholar (9).enw, is just the particular reference I was trying to upload right now. 

This prompt means I have to manually locate the library every time, which is really irritating and time consuming when I am importing 80 plus refernces a day, and seemed to be no issue on my PC.  I have scanned through so many threads and help pages, but cannot find this exact issue. I am hoping that it is an easy fix.

Thanks so much.

The issue you describe sounds like a common one, and fortunately there is an easy solution. Try accessing the website and exporting using a Mozilla based browser instead (see Mozilla based browsers like Firefox allow you to specify how to handle the data when you initiate a direct export, permitting you to select the EndNote application. You can find this information on our website here: