Where are EndNote libraries being kept in my PC?

I am using EndNote X4 and, for some reason, when I opened the program today, it did not start off with My Library (which it usually does).

So, when I tried to open My Library manually, I couldn’t figure out where My Library was being stored in my PC.

I looked in the local drive, Program Files, EndNote X4, but didn’t find My Library in there. I did come across the example libraries which came with EndNote.

Does anyone know where EndNote X4 stores the libraries in a PC?

If you think I have other problems going on here (like why EndNote didn’t start off with My Library like it usually does), please let me know as well.

Thanks for the help.

You could:

  1. Check/Change EndNote’s Preferences setting for Libraries so it’s set to: Open the most recently used library. Click OK to close the dialog box, close EndNote then restart the program.  (Go to the toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES, click on Library - see attached image).

Or if you have only the one library (My Library) you could change the setting to: Open the specified libraries. Then type-in the name of tne EndNote library in the libraries box. 

  1. Use the Windows search feature by typing in the name of the EndNote library.

EndNote Libraries Preference Setting.gif

cool! Thanks, loco gecko! :manhappy:

And for now, if you can’t find it still, you could try creating a new library and it is likely that will be in the same “default” folder.  This is usually set to My documents. 


I have a related question: I have two computers, one at work and one at home. The one at home has been set to a different endnote library than the other. How can I see the set path of the two? That is, see the set location of the two libraries in the directory in EndNote? By set path I mean for instance C./myDocuments etc. 

You mean for syncing as one?  – I believe the location is hidden in the reg file on a PC.

it is always a good idea to backup the Reg file before messing with it though.  

  • Close EndNote

  • Open RegEdit.exe

  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\Preferences

  • look at (or edit the location or filename) the string key “SyncLibraryPath”