endnote not remembering my settings

ok i keep my endnote save icon and the data folder on my usb key so i can work on  from different pc’s

now when i open endnote from my key i expected endnote to open the same on all pc’s , this is not the case ,

all the book entry’s are there but the settings, like the way i set the bibliography to be writen is not saved eg i set it to writh book titles in italics but i always have to do this again on each pc used


The bibliography is dictated by the style chosen, so that is an easy fix, as long as you have the same set of styles on each computer.  The style chosen is dictated by the machine or the specific style used for a specific document (assuming it is available on the other computer) and is not linked to the library.  These live in the styles folders which are located in two places: in the program folder/endnote/styles and edited versions which are saved to the folder your endnote preferences folder location points to.

Message Edited by Leanne on 10-29-2009 05:59 PM