Where are endnote libraries on Mac? Using endnote X1 and Mac OSX 10.5.8

I feel so stupid here, but I cannot find my andnote library on my macbook. I’ve searched using spotlight for endnote, my library name.enl, etc., have opened any folders I thought might contain libraries, and cannot locate my endnote libraries anywhere. I can open a library from the endnote toolbar, but today when attempting to export citations from Google Scholar into endnote, a folder that did not contain the endnote library opened up when I clicked the link. I’d gladly substitue the correct folder, but I can’t find where it is locate. Any ideas? Mac

I don’t work on a mac, but in Windows, if you do a file> save as or save a copy of the library, it defaults to where the current library resides.  Does that help?  Do mac’s have hidden folders?

I don’t know if Macs have hidden folders. It certainly seems so. EndNote opens the folder containing my libraries when using an export function (some sort of default connection). When I try to search for those same folders using Spotlight search function, I find no results for enl files or files by name

Is there a known issue with EndNote X3 and not being able to locate my library.

Some libraries appear (in recently used), but not the large one I am working with now.

Is there any other suffix I can search for when trying to locate endnote documents in the Mac spotlight search?

I am able to see the enlp documents, but can’t find the important one – which might have another suffix?

I just very recently exported the library (that I’ve lost) to a word document and have that copy. But, it does not do me any good because it is formatted as a word bibliography not an enlp (400 entries – so I can’t go through each one).