Where are the URL & URL Link preferences stored?

Hi Folks,

I need to find my old URL preferences from an old drive.  I’ve read that prefs are scattered across endnote’s App Data directory, as well as the registry.  I looked in my old regsitry (in the HKLM/software hive), and found some MULTI keys which I thought should contain the preferences data, but they key values were empty.

Any ideas?


version of Endnote?

X, X2 & X3

bump - anyone have any ideas?

Is this what you mean?

X3  Edit>preferences, URLs & Links

X3  Edit>preferences,Find Full Text

No I see from the original, that isn’t what you mean.  Sorry.  I don’t know.  (and the cross-out font application doesn’t work, so I can’t cross them out - it reverts). 

hi that’s great idea.