APA6: How to only show page numbers when citing authors literally?

How can this be done?

I’m writing my thesis in Endnote X9 and Word on Mac. Citation style is APA6. I was asked to only quote page numbers when citing authors literally. However , for future reference I’d like to register the page number for every citation

So ideally, I’d configure Endnote (with a copy of the APA6-style, I guess) so that while writing I can continue adding page numbers while citing in Word, but that page numbers are only shown when citing literally.

If my only option is to actually remove page numbers manually before handing in my thesis and drafts, I’d like to hear that too


I would take a look at the following article on how to add page numbers to citations.


If you have additional questions after reading the above article then please contact Technical Support.

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Sounds like you want to record the cited page as well as the pages and have an individual record for each?  Do you have multiple “cites” from the one source or a single “cite” from each source? 

Usually you assign the cited page when you are creating the citation, thru the “cited pages” field in the edit citation, more menu.  Tony points to the knowledgebase link for the how to Add page numbers to citations.  There is a bit more info here too on Editing in-text citations.