Problem with citation

Hello, everybody,

here’s the problem:
I want to insert a quote, but I don’t see any that I could choose from. I have the feeling that my library is not linked.
Can anyone help me?

Best regards and thanks in advance

When using CWYW you can use the Insert Citation command to search for a reference in your library and then insert the reference from the same search window.

You also have the option to locate the reference in your library and use Insert Selected Citation to insert the highlighted reference in the library into the document.

I would try inserting the citation using both methods to see if you can get the reference to end up in the document.

You might also check to see if you are using the EndNote or EndNote online tab in Word.

You can switch between them in the document and if you are not using the right one than that could be a reason you cannot locate the reference.

If all of the above does not help to resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1