Copy / Paste Library!

I recently learned to work with EN. I’ve entered some bibliographic information in EN and attached related papers to each record. but when I Save the file and copy/paste EN file (+Data Folder) in another place (for example in my flash), and open the file on another PC, I can’t open attached papers or even I can’t see the attached file in EN and In Data folder (PDF). What’s the problem? What can I do?

I thinks there’s  a solution: “compressed library”. Am I right? does it work in this case?


Creating a compressed library would give you the option to generate an identical copy of your EndNote library, including any file attachments associated with your library records.  Alternatively, if you open your EndNote library and choose “File>Save a Copy”, you would have the ability to create a copy of your library that includes all file attachments, as well. Please let me know if this works for you.

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